Fall 2015 Clock Contest Winners

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Fall 2015 Clock Contest Winners

A huge thank you goes out to all who participated in our Fall 2015 clock contest! So many fantastic stories – we appreciate the opportunity to hear about all of the great projects you all have completed.

Without further ado...Congratulations to these grand prize winners: Jim Novitsky (master clock maker), Randy Gage (gift of time), Bob and Terri Sutherin (most creative clock), and Victor Abate and son (junior clock maker). See each of their photos below and read their stories behind the clocks.

Also, with over 150 submissions, it was difficult to choose only 4 winners! Please join us in congratulating the honorable mention finalists, below.

Master Clock Maker – WINNER: Jim Novitsky

"I have always been fascinated with time keeping and clocks and hoped that someday I could acquire a grandfather clock. I developed a love of wood and learned woodworking from my late father who was a master woodworker and cabinetmaker. Although I have completed many woodworking projects over the years including numerous pieces of furniture, I just didn’t have enough time to design and build a grandfather clock. However, it was never far from my thoughts knowing that someday I would do this.

As fate would have it, in 2014 I was unexpectedly retired and knew that “someday” had arrived. Having thought about the project for over 30 years, it took only a few months to draw up the design, finalize the plans, and secure the materials. On March 17, 2015 the first cut was made; assembly was completed on October 14, 2015. The finished product is of simple design, its elegance coming from the natural beauty of the wood and the attention to detail and craftsmanship. The clock is now keeping time in the foyer of my home in Wheaton, IL.

I would like to thank my wife, Jean, for encouragement, patience, first aid, and help when more than two hands were needed. I acknowledge my son, Eric, as the math, physics, and electrical engineering consultant to the project."

Gift Of Time – WINNER: Randy Gage


"From the time both of my granddaughters were born, whenever my wife and I would get them for the weekend, we would watch NASCAR Sprint Cup races. Soon, the oldest (now 10 years old) began cheering for Jimmie Johnson.

At approximately age 4, she even began to "trash talk" to me about my driver (Jeff Gordon) and declare Jimmie was going to win every race. I have taken both granddaughters to several races, taken their photo with Jimmie's car and with the Sprint Cup. 

I built duplicate clocks (one for each granddaughter) and gave them for Christmas. I will never forget the surprise and joy on their faces when they opened the package containing their clocks. It brought me great joy to see their reactions to their clocks. They are so proud of these clocks. The memories will last a life time and the clocks will forever be a reminder of that Christmas morning.

The body of this clock is constructed of MDF, the bill of the cap is made by laminating thin sheets of model airplane plywood using a homemade forming jig. The dial plate and clock mechanism were purchased from Klockit."

Most Creative Clock – WINNER: Bob and Terri Sutherin


"After retiring from our careers, we reinvented ourselves as entrepreneurs. We developed our CREATIVE CLOCK DESIGNS business with the idea of creating unique wall clocks and robot clocks - so that no two are exactly alike!

Our one-of-a-kind creative clocks are handcrafted using newly reclaimed household parts, repurposed items, Klockit's Quartz Movements with Styrene Dials and Clock Hands. Each creative clock has its own distinctive personality. Items such as aluminum tins, gemstones, kitchen utensils, door knobs, jewelry and buttons are combined to give each “character” clock a unique individuality, as no two are alike.

Dimensions range from 4 X 8 (Owl, Deer, Moose, Dog, Cat, Elephant) to 8 X 15 (Blue & Red Crab, Butterfly, Bear& Ducks). The creative aspect involves "hands-on" workmanship for each individual Creative Clock Design. Our wall clocks and robot clocks are delightful for all to enjoy and are always wonderful whimsical gifts!"

Junior Clock Maker – WINNER: Victor Abate and Son


"My youngest son is in the 4-H program. He was in his second year of woodworking. He elected to make this project. I of course, cut the dados and other hazardous parts using the shaper and table saw. He gave me the dimensions to cut from, drilled the mortises and counter bore for the top, assembled it, clamped it, sanded and finished it. This project won 1st place in our county fair for junior woodworking.

It took him 3 weekends to complete the project, but I might add, he learned an awful lot about woodworking and continues to work with me in my shop every chance he gets. He wants to build more of these for Christmas to give to his grandmother and aunts.

 The clock is made from solid cherry, with ash and walnut for the face. We used Klockit’s Quartz clock movement #10004 with #67943 Black clock hands.

It makes me feel good when he walks in my shop and says, I love the way it smells in here. A true woodworker in the making!"

Fall 2015 Clock Contest Finalists

Please help us congratulate these honorable mention finalists!

Paul Walton, Gift of Time
Greg Lankston, Gift of Time
Muhammad Azam, Gift of Time
Melvin Crist, Gift of Time
Thomas Kirkpatrick, Gift of Time
Tim Field, Gift of Time
Berry Conway, Gift of Time
Mike Pierce, Gift of Time
Richard Madsen, Gift of Time
Robert Reuter, Gift of Time
Laura Kennedy, Gift of Time
Joel Eckhaus, Gift of Time
Gary Bender, Gift of Time
Mike M., Gift of Time
Tony Everett, Gift of Time
Harvey McGowan, Gift of Time
Olga Moldavsky, Gift of Time
Gary Hevelone, Gift of Time
Steve Wang, Gift of Time
Nils Kuehn, Gift of Time
John Erbaugh, Junior Clock Maker
Matt Claridge, Master Clock Maker
Daniel Scargall, Master Clock Maker
Bob Markart, Master Clock Maker
Sam Thiessen, Master Clock Maker
Thomas Elledge, Master Clock Maker
Marty Leenhouts, Master Clock Maker
Eduard Dranikov, Master Clock Maker
Daniel Scargall, Most Creative Clock
Shannon Qualls, Most Creative Clock
Ron Williams, Most Creative Clock
Connor Cox, Most Creative Clock
Randall Cleaver, Most Creative Clock
Gloria Pearson, Most Creative Clock
John Nalevanko, Most Creative Clock
Berry Conway, Most Creative Clock
Daniel Huffman, Most Creative Clock
Phil Christensen, Most Creative Clock
Glen Lasley, Most Creative Clock
Mark Detrick, Most Creative Clock
Daniel Sturman, Most Creative Clock
Norbert Stohs, Most Creative Clock
Gordon Rowse, Most Creative Clock
Huntlypc, Most Creative Clock
Tom Sheppard, Most Creative Clock
Larry Miller, Most Creative Clock
Mark Royall, Most Creative Clock
Viki Cays, Most Creative Clock
Ken Allen, Most Creative Clock
Randolph Ehlen, Most Creative Clock
Gordon Sill, Most Creative Clock
Sara Gray, Most Creative Clock
Allen Russell, Most Creative Clock
Mike Morrell, Most Creative Clock
Drew Cheney, Most Creative Clock
Nils Kuehn, Most Creative Clock
Cookie Schoonmaker, Most Creative Clock
Bob Hsun Lee, Most Creative Clock
Eric Lash, Most Creative Clock
Andrew Volk, Most Creative Clock
Dave Greway Designs, Most Creative Clock

November 17, 2015
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