How To: Create a Pumpkin Clock

How To: Create a Pumpkin Clock
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How To: Create a Pumpkin Clock

Fall is here! To kick things off, we wanted to share with you how to make a Pumpkin Clock. We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect DIY pumpkin clock!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Pumpkin Clock from a REAL pumpkin in 6 easy steps:

Supplies for Pumpkin Clock

Supplies Needed:

(1) Medium-sized pumpkin

(1) Quartz clock movement

(1) Clock hands

(1) AA battery

(1) Set of pumpkin carving tools (or knife)


(1) Screwdriver

(1) Hammer

Optional: Newspaper, paint, stencils, or numerals.

Step 1:

Spread the newspaper out on your table and place the pumpkin on top of it. Use a knife or pumpkin carving tool to cut a 3 to 4 inch hole in the top of your pumpkin.

Pumpkin Hole

Step 2:

Ready to get messy? Roll your sleeves up and remove all of the pumpkin’s insides!

Pumpkin Guts

Step 3:

Determine the face side of your pumpkin and scrape the inside wall of that side of the pumpkin.


Scraping the Pumpkin

Step 4:

Drill a small hole in the face side of your pumpkin. Or, tap on a screwdriver with a hammer to create the hole.

Pumpkin Hole on Face

Step 5:

Insert the shaft of the clock movement through the front hole, and assemble the mounting hardware on the movement.

Pumpkin with Hardware

Step 6:

Attach the clock hands, set the correct time, and then insert the battery.


Assembled Pumpkin Clock

Finished DIY Pumpkin Clock

Optional: Stencil numerals on the face and paint, or attach stickers. Or leave the face blank, it’s up to you!

Pumpkin Clock by Klockit

October 1, 2021