Fall 2023 Klockit Clock Contest

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Fall 2023 Klockit Clock Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall 2023 Klockit Clock Contest and helped make it a success! We loved seeing all the creativity and hard work put into each clock project for this year's contest. Once again, the categories for this contest included:

Family Treasure: Participants were required to use at least one (1) item that was meaningful/special to them and explain the story behind it.

Master Clockmaker: Expert clockmakers were asked to submit their best, most in-depth build they have ever created!

Rewind: Participants were required to use at least one (1) recycled item and asked to describe how the recycled part(s) has/have been included.

Fritz – Family Treasure

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“Our children grew up in a house full of clocks: cuckoos, regulators, Westminster mantle clocks and, of course, bim-bams. When our son got married this summer we felt that presenting him and his new bride with their own chiming regulator would be a sentimental link to his childhood. The case is made from sapele and is highlighted with string inlays, shaded fans, leopardwood panels and topped off with hand cut marquetry roses. The intertwined rose stems are symbolic of their new lives together while the Hickory-Dickory mouse pauses at the top of "his run up the clock" to peek out of his hole waving at them and wishing them well. The clock is personalized with their names and wedding date inkjet printed on a maple veneer plaque.”

Greg Lankston – Master Clockmaker

 Master Clockmaker Clock Contest Winner

“Built the clock on scroll saw from red oak and antique color finish. Has westminister chimes from clock kit and stained glass I hand painted.The display table is solid walnut with Maple Inlay for a 50th anniversary gift.Total clock and display table stands 6’ tall.”

Mark Royall – Rewind

 Rewind Clock Contest Winner

“All recycled parts using recycled bicycle parts and old saw blade.”

It was great seeing how our talented customers used our clock hands, movements, inserts, and more in their projects! We are thankful for every contestant that took the time to participate in the contest and share their projects with us! Please congratulate these Honorable Mention entrants that deserve the runners-up title:

Honorable Mentions

Gregory Little – Family Treasure
David – Family Treasure
Lady Nia – Family Treasure
Ronald York – Master Clockmaker
Ruth Jensen – Rewind
Dave Brown – Rewind
John Edgerton – Rewind
Kevin Adams – Rewind
Crabber – Rewind

December 1, 2023
Don west
December 23, 2023
Are you open
December 27, 2023
Hello, We no longer have a storefront, however, we are open online at www.klockit.com.
Larry Egger
December 23, 2023
Earlier this year I ordered Mechanical clock mechanism Hermle 141-040 I have lost the instructions Please could you help find another instruction sheet!!
Larry Eggers
December 28, 2023
I have sent the instructions as requested.
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