Woodworking Tips & Tricks

The Beauty of Sanding Sealer

By Klockit Team
June 23, 2021

The surface of wood can be riddled with natural crevices, pores, and grain lines which do not promote a flat, even surface for finish application.

5 Tools Every DIY Woodworker Needs in Their Tool Box

By Klockit Team
June 21, 2021

Woodworking is a true art that involves skill, patience, and knowledge about what type of wood to select. While it’s not an easy craft, it’s very rewarding and fascinating.

6 Woodworking Tips and Tricks

By Klockit Team
June 20, 2021

We've learned many tips and tricks from customers that have greatly assisted with the success of many projects. While we're extremely fortunate to learn something new on any given day, we also believe it is important to pay it forward.

How To: Increase Output in Your Woodworking Shop

By Klockit Team
June 7, 2021

Looking to increase output in your woodworking shop the smart way? Mr. Randy Sharp from Sawdust Inn recently conducted an analysis of a woodworking project to compare how much time was spent setting up machines to make cuts versus the time spent making the cuts.

Matching Stains

By Klockit Team
October 14, 2011

Trying to match a stain coloration?  What could one do if the stain coloration was not known?  You may wish to consider playing the “mad scientist” and intermixing your own stains.