Fall 2021 Klockit Clock Contest

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Fall 2021 Klockit Clock Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall 2021 Klockit Clock Contest and helped make it a success! We were excited about the huge response in this year's contest. Once again, the categories for this contest included:

Family Treasure: Participants were required to use at least one (1) item that was meaningful/special to them and explain the story behind it.

Master Clockmaker: Expert clockmakers were asked to submit their best, most in-depth build they have ever created!

Rewind: Participants were required to use at least one (1) recycled item and asked to describe how the recycled part(s) has/have been included.

Stacy Bayne – Family Treasure

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“Game of Life, chess or checkers- I create clocks made out of antiques and history. Everything I use in each piece is over 100 years old, including the printed matter. I love Klockit’s mechanisms and hands, and the customer service is phenomenal! Thank you.”

Mark Royall – Rewind

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“All the items seen here are recycled from our local dump’s metal bin. They have been painted and buffed, and a Klockit Q80 movement was used to complete this beautiful, everlasting clock.”

Vladimir Davydov – Master Clockmaker

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“My name is Vladimir Davydov and I am a wood carver from Quebec, Canada. I received a request from one of my clients to create an original gift - a carved wall clock for his brother. As a child, he and his brother had comic nicknames that were used in the family circle. My client was nicknamed the hedgehog, and his brother was a moose. I created this wall clock and now it adorns the wall of a house in England. The carving is made entirely by hand from one piece of wood, with chisels and wood knives. On linden wood, and finished with wood stains and protective varnish. P.S. A little later, I received an order from his brother; this time the main character of the carving was a hedgehog.”

We are lucky to have such talented customers and we are thankful for every contestant that took the time to participate in the contest and share their projects with us! The contest was very close, and as such, we would like to give credit to a selection of other entries that deserve the runners-up title:

Honorable Mentions

John Bulman – Family Treasure
Robert E. Jacobson – Family Treasure
Paul S Maddams – Rewind
Gay Dallek – Rewind
Marc Tannenbaum – Master Clockmaker
Wayne Jamroz – Master Clockmaker

December 1, 2021