Fall 2022 Klockit Clock Contest

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Fall 2022 Klockit Clock Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall 2022 Klockit Clock Contest and helped make it a success! We loved seeing all the creativity and hard work put into each clock project for this year's contest. Once again, the categories for this contest included:

Family Treasure: Participants were required to use at least one (1) item that was meaningful/special to them and explain the story behind it.

Master Clockmaker: Expert clockmakers were asked to submit their best, most in-depth build they have ever created!

Rewind: Participants were required to use at least one (1) recycled item and asked to describe how the recycled part(s) has/have been included.

Jon the Trekker – Family Treasure

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“My daughter is a big fan of Star Trek. For her birthday, I hit on the idea of making a themed clock using the pendulum as the main disk of the Enterprise. After fashioning the rest of the Enterprise, I build a star made of maple and created sheet metal planets that I epoxied to the modified hour and minute hands. I knew I needed extra power to keep the heavier pendulum swinging and the big hands revolving so I went with the high-torque clock works. They work like a champ and the clock keeps excellent time while the Enterprise moves under impulse power near the sun. The clock was a big hit! Thanks for your quality products.”

Jason Benz – Rewind

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“Clock building is my hobby, but I don’t have room for every clock in my house, so I offer to build something for friends and family (free of charge of course). When I asked some dear friends what they had in mind for the build, they asked for a desert-themed clock (we all live in Arizona). They wanted mountains, a sun, bees, a roadrunner and saguaro cactus. I decided to use recycled barn wood and corrugated tin to add to the rustic look. There’s a place in town that tears down old barns across the county and sells the wood for tables, cabinets, etc. I just love the way the wood looks in clocks and the fact that I’m giving the wood another life. Of course, I had it lying around in the garage, so that fit perfectly. Enjoy.”

Michael Schmitt – Master Clockmaker

 Family Treasure Clock Contest Winner

“I have always enjoyed the Brewster steeple clock. I've made quite a few of them. For this project, I wanted to turn the Brewster Steeple clock into a double steeple clock and also incorporate some stained glass. I turned the finales on my lathe. It was a really fun project.”

It was great seeing how our talented customers used our clock hands, movements, inserts, and more in their projects! We are thankful for every contestant that took the time to participate in the contest and share their projects with us! Please congratulate these Honorable Mention entrants that deserve the runners-up title:

Honorable Mentions

Amanda S – Family Treasure
BBSmith024 – Family Treasure
Dan Schneider – Rewind
Gregory Little – Rewind
Tony Fiore – Master Clockmaker
Mark-ing the Time – Master Clockmaker

November 15, 2022