Seiko Dual-Chime Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement

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The Seiko Electronic Dual-Chime Clock Movement is a quartz clock movement that includes a speaker that can be mounted directly on the movement or the case. Electronically plays Westminster or Whittington melody on quarter hours and strikes out the hours. The volume control lets you select desired sound level and the night silencer switch automatically quiets chimes during sleeping hours. A rear set-knob is placed for convenient time setting. The 16" breakaway pendulum rod is 1/2" from the movement front and swings may vary up to 1/2". Designed for indoor use only.

Click on the following links to hear a sample of the melodies:

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    • 5/16" shaft diameter
    • 10" speaker wire
    • 1 C battery required
    • Built-in hanger feature
    • Hand mounting hardware included
    • Free pair of hour/minute hands, select after you add movement to cart
    • Designed for use with a Group A sweep second hand/li>

    Case Size: 4 3/8"H x 3 1/4"W x 1 11/16"D

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    Seiko Dual-Chime Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement