Hermle 1161-853 114cm Mechanical Movement


The Hermle 1161-853 114cm Cable-Driven, Triple-Chime Mechanical Clock Movement is a precise 8-day movement that features 12 finely-tuned chime rods that play your choice of the Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michaels melodies. This Hermle mechanical movement also chimes on quarter-hours, strikes out the hours, and includes a convenient chime silencer.

Includes the movement, mounting hardware, chime block and rods, clock hands, and a brass winding crank. Dial, pendulum, and weight shell set sold separately - see Details tab below.

Click on the following links to hear a sample of the melodies:

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    • 2-year limited factory warranty
    • Mounting Hardware: Included
    • Weight Drop: 55 1/4"
    • Order dial: 26940, 28021, 28038, or 28066
    • Order your choice of long lyre pendulum
    • Order your choice of weight shell sets: 13096, 13094, or 13098

    Movement Size: 9"D x 10 1/2"H x 10 1/2"W

    Additional Info
    More Information
    Mechanical Movement BrandHermle
    Mechanical Movement TypeGrandfather
    Mechanical Movement WindingCable
    Mechanical Movement MelodiesWestminster, Whittington, St. Michaels
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    Hermle 1161-853 114cm Mechanical Movement