Klockit Creators

Klockit customers have created countless incredible clock projects over the years! From beautifully executed clock kits to handmade creations paired with Klockit movements, inserts, and clock hands — the results have been jaw-dropping. Take a look at some of the phenomenal examples below as a source of inspiration for your next clock project. Then, once you build your masterpiece, share it with us by following the instructions here.

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"I am a glass fusing artist, and all my clock bodies and hands come from Klockit. I love nature and thought it would be sweet to make springtime flowers in bloom." —Sara G.

Michael used a 7 1/2" Shaker Style Metal Clock Dial, a 2 15/16" Black Spade Hour and Minute Hand Set, and a quartz movement in this mantle clock with pull-out drawer. Nice job, Michael!

Alan decided to make this clock as a present using the 4 1/16" Gold Skeleton Clock Insert with Gold Bezel. They reported that it turned out beautifully and that everyone who saw it wanted one.

"I love the [Continuous Sweep Quartz Clock Movement]. No ticking, no noise at all. I needed this taller shaft to accommodate the design of a broken clock that I was refurbishing. The hardware to attach this motor comes in a brass finish. You also get a pair of hands included in the order. (You choose your style.)" —Creative One

"I simply put this insert on top of the glass, used a women's stretch bracelet around it to make it fit, and now this is one of my prized possessions. Great product, great company, stellar customer service!" —Hammock Gurl

ClockDoc used a Seiko Dual-Chime Quartz Clock Movement in this lovely clock, commenting that "The unit appears well-made, and the chimes are very realistic. All who have heard them are impressed." Also featured in this clock is a Gold Barometer Insert.

"I have worked in stained glass for over 23 years, and occasionally someone will ask me to make a wall clock. This one was for a friend who wanted a hunting-themed background. I used the Clear Quartz Clock Movement." —Diane B.

Chance G. created this clock from a hand-polished motorcycle sprocket, a custom inlay, and a Klockit Quartz Clock Movement. The result is a truly unique piece of art.

Tony D. made this unique wall clock with a Black Spade Hour and Minute Hand Set and a High Torque Quartz Clock Movement. He used solid pine and a distressed paint job for a beach house style.

"I made this clock—without the border—for my daughter... I turned it on the lathe with a blank rim and engraved a simple clock face. She was then able to add her own knit border to finish it off." —Jack H.

"I sold & repaired bicycles for many years. I collected crank sprockets from scrapped bicycles. After I retired I decided they might be suitable for clocks." —Larry B.

This clock is made from a very thin section of cherry burl containing numerous voids and crevices. I shaped the casting on a lathe and drilled a hole in the center for the Q-80 Quartz Clock Movement." —Mark D.