Clock Dials

Whether your refer to them as clock dials or clock faces, Klockit has a tremendous number of options from which to choose. Keep a clock working takes the integration of many pieces. Still, when most people look at a clock, all they notice is the face. For clock-making enthusiasts, clock dials and faces offer you a unique way to put a final stamp of creativity on your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A time ring is the 360-degree outer circle on a dial with 60 evenly spaced increments to denote minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute. (The ring in which the numerals are placed)

A clock dial, or face, is the area on a clock that displays the numerals.

To determine what size hands you will need, measure from the hole in the dial to where you would like the minute hand to stop. Typically, this will be half the size of your dial. For example, an 8"" time ring would use a 3 1/2""-4"" set of hands.

Maximum dial thickness is the amount of material that a movement is able to travel through. This should include the thickness of the clock dial and any backing it may be mounted on.