Hand Mounting Hardware for Quartz Clock Movements


Use this set of hand mounting hardware to assemble clock hands and a clock dial to a quartz clock movement.


This hardware will work with the following movments.

  • All Q-80 Movements
  • Quartex® High Torque Clock Movements
  • Quartex® 24 Hour Clock Movement
  • Quartex® Reverse Clock Movement
  • Quartex® Set and Forget Movement
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Contains 1 of each of the following: Rubber spacer, brass washer, hex nut, open nut, and closed nut. 

Compatible with the following clock movements:

  • Quartex Q-80 clock movements
  • Quartex high torque clock movements
  • Quartex 24-hour clock movement
  • Quartex reverse clock movement
  • Set & Forget high torque clock movement
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Hand Mounting Hardware for Quartz Clock Movements