How To: Increase Output in Your Woodworking Shop

How To: Increase Output in Your Woodworking Shop
By Klockit Team
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How To: Increase Output in Your Woodworking Shop

Looking to increase output in your woodworking shop the smart way? Mr. Randy Sharp from Sawdust Inn recently conducted an analysis of a woodworking project to compare how much time was spent setting up machines to make cuts versus the time spent making the cuts. The results? Very surprising! See them here.

Project Details

Randy's project was a small mantle clock, a great project for woodworkers who are just starting out. This project required milling 26 total pieces (15 uniquely-sized parts, some of them were duplicated for the sides, frame and drawer stops).

This meant Randy would have 30 different fence or miter gauge adjustments on his table saw. However, it was at his router table where most of the setup time was required due to multiple router bit changeovers.

The Results

It took Randy just over 1.5 hours to set up his equipment for the cutting and profiling. The actual cutting? It only took him 6 minutes and 48 seconds!

So what does all this mean? Click here to learn how making several of a project gives a better return on the investment!

June 7, 2021
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