Tubular Quad Chime Quartz Clock Movement

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The Tubular Quad Chime Clock Movement is a quartz clock movement that features clear, vibrant, resonant chimes that are reminiscent of the tubular chimes you'd hear from a Grandfather clock. This quartz clock movement plays Westminster, Ave Maria, "Bim-bam", or gong on the hour and quarter hours. There is a sound switch on the back of the movement for Night Off. When selected, the melodies will not chime between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5:45 a.m. The 15 1/2" lead wires allow for proper positioning of the speaker. Use with a 16" or 22" breakaway pendulum rod and your choice of bob, both sold separately. Designed for indoor use only. The pendulum hook is 3/4" from movement's front. Click on the following links to hear a sample of the melodies:

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  • 5/16" shaft diameter
  • 2 C batteries required
  • Hand mounting hardware included
  • Free pair of hour/minute hands, select after you add movement to cart (second hands not included)
  • Designed for use with a Group B sweep second hand (sold separately)
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Tubular Quad Chime Quartz Clock Movement