Kieninger H12 Mechanical Movement Set

The Kieninger H12 8-Day, Cable-Driven, Triple-Chime Mechanical Clock Movement is a high-quality movement that features 9 chime tubes, the largest polished plate size in the industry (2.8mm), 12 jewels at vital bearing points, 32 bronze bushings at the pivots, and diamond-cut edges. This movement plays Westminster, Whittington or St. Michaels melodies with a richness and resonance you'll treasure. Automatic night shut off and exact second beat / automatic beat adjustment options included. Complete set, includes the movement, clock hands, weight fills, chime tubes, moving moon dial, 43" lyre pendulum with bob, and weight shells. Click on the following links to hear a sample of the melodies:
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SKU 13055-bundle
  • 2 year warranty
  • Mounting Hardware: Included
  • Weight Drop: 58 1/4"
  • Pendulum Swing: 14"
  • Pendulum Diameter: 10 1/2"

Movement Size: 56 1/8"H x 14 1/8"W x 9 1/2"D

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Mechanical Movement Brand Kieninger
Mechanical Movement Type Grandfather
Mechanical Movement Winding Cable
Mechanical Movement Melodies Westminster, Whittington, St. Michaels
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