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Choose from Klockit's large selection of replacement clock hands: contemporary, fancy, serpentine, spade, sword, Euroshaft, extra long, white, chrome, and specialty. Plus push-on clock hands, and Group A and B sweep second hands. Klockit is your source for large and small clock hands. Feel free to browse our selection now and, if you need a hand, we are happy to help!

Important Note: The SWEEP hand length listed below is from the mounting post to the tip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can't guarantee existing hands will work with a new movement. We recommend you take advantage of free hands with your movement order so you have a backup incase they don't work.

Measure the minute hand from center hole to tip-this is the longer of the two hands.

The hour hand is proportionate to the minute hand, so no measurement is required.

Yes, but no more than 1/4" from the tip. Trimming more than 1/4" can affect the balance of the hands and interfere with the performance of the movement

No. Quartz clock movements run with or without a second hand.

The difference between the two groups will be the size of the opening that fits over the metal post. If the correct size is not selected, the clock will not operate properly.

We recommend the minute hand be half the diameter of the clock dial. Remember to take into consideration the time ring location, you don't want the hands to be too long.

To determine what size hands you will need, measure from the hole in the dial to where you would like the minute hand to stop. Typically, this will be half the size of your dial. For example, an 8" time ring would use a 3 1/2"-4" set of hands.

Hour Hand: .198" Minute Hand: .158" x .112"