2017 Fall Clock Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fall clock contest and helped make it a success! We are blessed to have such creative customers and are thankful that each and every one of you shared your projects with us.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of our fall 2017 Create-a-Clock Contest: (1) Justin Thompson, Master Clock Maker (2) Jim Doussard, Rewind (3) Jason La Benz, Gift of Time, plus the honorable mention entries, below:

Master Clock Maker - Justin Thompson 

I decided to take on building a grandfather clock in my junior year of my advanced Prototyping class at Dallas High School in Dallas, Pa. My teacher, Mr. Mark Golden was leery of me taking on this size of a project, but finally agreed to let me try. I worked on it consistently 2 class periods a day, on my lunch and many days after school. It meant a lot to me since my mom always wanted one. I wanted to give her something she would cherish to show her how much I appreciated everything she does for me. I ordered the Grandfather plans book from Klockit and reviewed it with my teacher. My parents agreed to help me purchase the mechanical movement, pendulum, weights, etc. from Klockit as well. I started on the clock immediately, my school principal, office staff, janitors & housekeepers along with my fellow students checked on my progress daily. The Grandfather clock became the talk of my school. Our local government officials toured the school around Christmas and were very impressed with my progress and said they have never seen a high school junior build a grandfather clock. Our local newspaper did a full front page article on my clock, also referring to Klockit in the article, word spread through our community about "the kids from Dallas building the grandfather clock". Finally, after 9 months the clock was completed and put on display in our school's commons area for all to see. Our State representative, Karen Boback sent me a beautiful letter congratulating me on my accomplishment attached to the newspaper article that was printed and told me she was amazed when she heard a student-built it. It was finally time to present the clock to my mom, I can still remember the look on her face when I presented the clock to her, she had tears in her eyes, she hugged me and told me how proud she was of me and couldn't believe how beautiful it turned out. I know its just a small token of my appreciation for everything she has done and gone without for me over the years, but I know she will cherish it forever. My clock will be passed on through many generations to come. Thank you! Klockit for helping me along the way, your staff was very helpful with questions I encountered and helping me order the parts I needed. I am hoping to someday attempt a Grandmother clock.

Rewind - Jim Doussard

This one of a kind clock is crafted by hand combining “found” antique objects and parts with a modern clock movement. While the clock’s primary function is to tell time, a fictional story is included with the clock which brings the work to life. The term “found object” is a literal translation from the French objet trouvé, meaning objects or products with non-art functions that are placed into an art context and made part of an artwork. Jim brings this tradition alive, providing today’s collector with an individual cabinet of curiosities to mark the passage of time and enjoy the reclamation of lost treasures. Each piece is unique and the number in its title reflects the month and day it was finished and began ticking. Jim’s vision is to provide timepieces for the home that not only tell the hour of the day but also add character, beauty, wit and charm. In this clock, an antique chrome plated clock case is embellished with a 1953 Oldsmobile dashboard clock and a 1955 Chrysler hood ornament. Additional details include a vintage Corvette badge and various gauges. Inside the case, an LED light provides internal illumination. Modern clock movement. Approximately 18” x 16” x 12”

Gift of Time - Jason La Benz

I love to make clocks for family and friends. To me, it's a relaxing and rewarding hobby. I typically ask someone if they'd like one of my clocks and explain that I'm doing it as a hobby, so there's no cost or obligation to the recipient. If they say yes, I then I send them several options to choose from, typically using photos of the clock from Klockit. I only work in my shop on Saturday mornings, so I take my time and post progress photos on Facebook along the way. When I near completion, I give the person options for stains and finishing. I recently built the attached clock from one of Klockit's plans using beautiful Rosewood, because the person I was building it for (my lovely daughter-in-law) is named Sarah Rose. She proudly displays it on the mantel, which is truly a gift of time back to me.

Honorable Mention Entries

Martin Hack, Master Clock Maker
Ronald York, Master Clock Maker
Kirk Hagen, Master Clock Maker
Alesha Canamar, Rewind
Adam Rasmussen, Rewind
Bryon Robles, Rewind
Daniel Nelson
E G Smith, Rewind
Ed Elsaesser
Eric Cox, Rewind
Jacquelene Palmer-Ambrose, Rewind
Joe Olshefski, Rewind
Johnny Mitchell, Rewind
Lesa Webb, Rewind
Mark Royall, Rewind
Paula Harvey, Rewind
Scott Fisher, Rewind
Tim Roth, Rewind
Andrew Lewis, Gift of Time
Boller Boll, Gift of Time
Christopher Hoffman, Gift of Time
Tony Greives, Gift of Time
Glenn Miller, Gift of Time
Dale Roundy, Gift of Time
Daryl Bender, Gift of Time
Dennis Dorries, Gift of Time
Floyd Gibson, Gift of Time
Jan Thomas, Gift of Time
John Carden, Gift of Time
John Kappus, Gift of Time
Jim Tuxon, Gift of Time
Leonard Styles, Gift of Time
Michael Stanton, Gift of Time
Paul Cuicchi, Gift of Time
Richard Berens, Gift of Time
Ron Copple, Gift of Time
Todd Hoffer, Gift of Time
Tom Zinn, Gift of Time
William McGlone, Gift of Time


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